• Luminet offers backhaul services to the NBN POI at Global Switch

  • Luminet extends its Dark Fibre services between Global Switch and Equinix

  • Luminet deploys 1,000+ Dark Fibre core solution for Equinix’s IBX Data Centres in Sydney


Low Cost – High Capacity

Luminet is a licensed telecommunications carrier that specialises purely in the provision of Dark Fibre services in Australia.

Dark Fibre remains the most cost-effective physical transmission medium available today to deliver the maximum Performance, Security and Reliability needed to meet the growing demand for high capacity network connections.

Luminet has built its own optical fibre network to offer Dark Fibre services to companies who require cost-effective high capacity solutions.

Maximum Performance

High Performance is delivered through the unrestricted bandwidth capacity capabilities of Dark Fibre.

Maximum Security

Achieved through the point-to-point nature of Dark Fibre. The link is completely dedicated to you with no active third party network elements between your end points.

Maximum Reliability

Accomplished through a passive end-to-end hard spliced fibre connection that is supported by our 24×7 support team.